Mike Kerrs' Gear – Royal Blood's Man of Mystery | | All-imusic
Don't expect any "here's the secrets of my sound" instructional videos from Mike Kerr. The bassist–frontman half of the British power duo Royal Blood (drummer Ben Thatcher is the other half) doesn't want anybody to know how he creates enough musical thunder to equal two or even three players. That especially holds true for journalists nosy enough to ask him about his effects. "I'm not gonna talk about my gear," he tells me. "I don't talk about my pedals, ever." "Well, I know you use an Electro-Harmonix POG2 and a Z.Vex Mastotron Fuzz," I venture, to which Kerr counters, "There you go then. So you know all you need to know." I bring up the matter of Kerr's "mystery pedal," the identity of which he swears he'll never disclose. He dangles a carrot, sort of: "I could tell you, mate, but then I'd have to kill you." Repeated attempts to wrangle more info are met with silence. In other words, "No further comment." Part of the reason why so many people want to divine the recipe for