Conditions Helped | Alan Nelson Hypnotherapy
The following list represents some of the major areas I work with using solution focused hypnotherapy. The list is not exhaustive, so please give me a call or email me if you need further information. Please note, that clients needs to be willing to work with me and some changes in lifestyle may be discussed. Clients need to get on board with the process - unfortunately no hypnotherapist owns a magic wand! However, I have significant training working with clients to bring about positive change. Anxiety and stress-related conditions General anxiety is the majority of my work. Anxiety can be experienced through general feelings of nervousness or anxiety, sleep disturbances, panic attacks, blushing, stammer, exams, driving test nerves, fear of public speaking or stage fright. Anxiety comes in many forms. Insomnia and sleep patterns I have a keen interest in helping clients overcome insomnia and improve their sleep patterns. So often people have lived for many years with this problem,