Solution Focused Hypnotherapy | Alan Nelson Hypnotherapy
Can you recall driving a car along a route you have undertaken many times, when suddenly you realise you weren't aware of the last part of the journey? Or have you ever been so engrossed in a book or film that you had not realised how much time had elapsed? These are examples of naturally occurring trance and, through simple guided relaxation techniques, you can reach this level of relaxation in the sessions that are used for the hypnotic process. You remain awake and in control. It's a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. In this state of trance your subconscious mind becomes more receptive to beneficial suggestions, accepting directions to promote positive change. Brain waves change during this process, so we become more focused, relaxed and able to make decisions easier. As a client, you need to want the change to happen and be willing to undertake a course of sessions, thereby working with me to bring about that change. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I utilise your natural