Portfolio building – the tough choices | | ALAN HESS PHOTOGRAPHY
I am in the middle of rebuilding my portfolio. Sounds simple, but it is a whole lot more difficult than I ever imagined. One of the issues that I have come across is the famous person vs. the better but lesser known artist. We all want to fill out portfolios with great looking images and preferably well know people. So the decision becomes when to cut the image of the famous person. Lets look at an example: The following shots of Chad Smith of the Red hot Chili Peppers all made the first round of cuts and I really wanted at least one of these in my portfolio. The problem was, I wanted it in the portfolio because he is Chad Smith and he does play in the Chili Peppers, not because any of these are that awesome drummer shot. So in the end, I cut them. It's not that I'm not proud of these and in the past, they would have made the cut. All of them have the drums sticks visible, all of them have a moment, all of them are good. But are they the BEST drummer shots I have ever taken? No. They