History in english | Sembach Aktuell
Also Sembach got along like so Mehlingen, that still us in medieval sources as "Sentenbach", and "Sinckenbach" meets and derives his/its name from verschilften water runs and ponds doubtlessly (mhd. "Semede" = Binse), already early under the reign of the wait salvors. As these transferred their Amtssitz into the small place against end of the thirty year old war (1646), this had a surprising economic in relationship with a favorable traffic situation in the intersection of two highways Upswing of the village to the consequence. Reign and subjects were reformed before 1648, however after 1700 also some mennonitische families, that formed a small community, moved in besides some Lutherans. Its prime experienced the village during the affiliation of the palatinate with the Napoleonic Empire, not least through the construction of the "emperor street". Sembach counted 1802 even rose already 511 inhabitants and their number until 1837 by 835. In this span, the place got a big Post-Station, a