REMBANG TOBACCO: The Slicing Tobacco with Oriental Note | AHLITANI.COM
Rembang tobacco is a sliced tobacco from Rembang Regency. The main area is in sawah tadah Hujan (Rain fed land) 100% located around Sulang, Sumber, Bulu, Gunem, Pamotan, Pancur sub District – Rembang Regency. The remainder area is in tegal (dry land with palawija base cropping system). The intensive farming implemented in Rembang Tobacco both on Sawah and Tegal. The Farmers build simple pond using "Plastic Tarpaulin" to collect water during rainy seasons. Rembang actually is new area, Its started on 2012 for commercial farming ECOLOGY The area of Rembang tobacco covering in Rembang is sawah scattered from EastCentral Java bordered with Pati regency (in the West), Blora (in the South), Tuban (in the Eastt) and Java Sea (in the North). It is a plain area with altitude of 25 - 150 meters above sea level, plain topography, and slope of below 15%. Sawah area with technical and semi technical irrigation possesses alluvial soil, and fine/clay texture. Average yearly rainfall in the main