Tearing Down Barriers for the Growth of African Rural E-Commerce - Adventure 254
The rise and growth of e-commerce in the world and primarily in Africa has created a lot of business opportunities, not only in urban but also in rural areas. The good news is that there is undoubtedly increased connectivity, reaching even the previously inaccessible remote villages across the continent and connecting them with e-commerce. Over the past approximately three years, the market has been noted to move substantially in the direction of developing logistics meant to tear down barriers for e-commerce penetration in rural markets. Consequently, online retailers can now reach customers in remote cities, while locals have access to a variety of products from major urban cities. While over 50% of the world is now connected to the internet, only 36% of the African population is, and even more poorly served are rural areas. This penetration rate is however increasing across Africa, and together with that of the mobile (now at about 80%), represent a potentially major growth lever as well as a significant growth opportunity for e-commerce to serve this otherwise underserved demographic. With this in mind, it is important for e-commerce players to eliminate roadblocks that hinder penetration of the rural economy. Fulfilling the needs of the [...]