Top 4 places to Visit in Abu Dhabi from Nairobi - Adventure 254
Are you out to forget the ‘small’ problems of Nairobi and its perennial traffic jams just for a few days? Abu Dhabi should be the next on your bucket-list. Abu Dhabi City is UAE’s capital. The emirate is the biggest of all, covering approximately 87% of the country’s total area. It started off as a small fishing village but the brilliance evident in the current day architecture of its major facilities, properties and landmarks is mind blowing. The city is just a few miles away from the World’s capital, Dubai, and is home to Etihad Airways which is UAE’s national carrier. Etihad operates daily flights between Nairobi and Abu Dhabi. Whenever you are in Abu Dhabi, never forget to take a desert safari after which you can now get onto discovering the city on a sight seeing tour with the following four places being your highest priority; Emirates Palace Emirates Palace is one of UAE’s most popular landmarks. Described as one of the world’s most popular hotels-cum-conference favorites, its perfect for corporate and leisure travelers. The aura and beauty surrounding it is breathtaking. It stands on an 85 hectare-exquisite-chunk of landscaped gardens along a 1.3Km private white sandy beach. In [...]