Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary - Adventure 254
43 Kilometers south of Mombasa, In the Shimba Hills Forest lies Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary. It covers approximately 36 sq km. Managed by Kwale County. Initially, it was just a farm frequented by elephants, that caused massive crop destruction. The council decided to turn it into a sanctuary in 1993. Its since has acted as a corridor along an elephant migration route between Mwaluganje and Shimba Hils. The Mwaluganje and the Shimba Hills National Reserve make the Shimba Hills ecosystem. The ecosystem is characterized by winding water shades, rolling hills, steep ranges, a forest cover of about 23,736 ha, including Shimba forest, Mkongani north and west and Mwaluganje. Mwaluganje today provides a perfect uninterrupted viewing of Elephants with occasional spotting of Leopards. Elephants are the main attractions at the sanctuary and are as many as over 150 residing there. It is a historical bull area where independent elephant bulls grow. Their families live in the neighboring Shimba Hills and Mwalugaje forests. At the sanctuary’s entrance is a local factory that makes paper from elephant dung. Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary is one of the sound examples of community based conservation, where local people act as stakeholders. How to get there: 4WDs is the [...]