5 Group Travel Tours That Will Spark Wanderlust - Adventure 254
Group vacations are a great way to explore new places. There are excellent benefits of group travel that offer a top-notch experience, especially during international travel. First and foremost, group travel allows for a carefree trip. Although traveling is exciting, the logistics of the trip can be challenging. Trusty tour guides take care of the hard work and details while travelers are free to just relax and enjoy a trip that is already pre-arranged by professionals. Secondly, tour companies have experience with the best places and have streamlined the tours so that travelers can simply appreciate all of the best parts of a vacation. Creating a travel itinerary can take weeks of research, but when traveling in a tour group, the custom itinerary is already organized. Group tours are available all around the world in a variety of locations. Here is a hand-picked selection of group travel opportunities in an array of exciting destinations. For Adventure Junkies: A Costa Rican Escapade This five-day, four-night vacation to Costa Rica with Under 30 Experiences takes you straight from the airport to Playa Hermosa, a stunning beach where locals surf. The first day in Costa Rican paradise includes dinner and cocktails on the [...]