Why You Should Choose an Aparthotel for Your Next Vacation - Adventure 254
Whether traveling is something you do once a year or you plan getaways as frequently as you can manage, it’s important to know about all of the options for accommodations. Less-frequently traveled tourists typically return to the familiarity of hotel chains while seasoned travelers are turning to apartment-hotels. Every savvy traveler should know about apartment-hotels. It’s a fusion of a stunning apartment and a hotel mixed into one perfect accommodation. You get the convenience of a hotel stay combined with the comfort of a fully-equipped apartment. An apartment hotel, which is sometimes referred to as a serviced apartment, is a fully-furnished, often upscale, affordable home away from home. Aparthotels are already quite popular in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. They can be found in prolific cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Brussels, and Dubai. Why Groups Will Love Aparthotels Aparthotels are the best accommodations for group travelers for several reasons. Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or as a family unit, an apartment-hotel offers more space and more amenities, all while at a lower cost than a traditional hotel can offer. The special hybrid between a fully-furnished live-in ready apartment and a hotel experience means that group [...]