Digital Tech Disruption in the Food Service Industry - Adventure 254
The food service industry has greatly evolved over the years, especially as the world gradually goes mobile. Food consumers’ demands, and specifications have largely contributed to the industry disruption, as a time sensitive generation arises. A working class with little or no time to personally make homemade meals still want to enjoy great food, conveniently delivered to their preferred location in a speedy way. Social trends, urbanization, and internet connectivity have given rise to a group of food consumers willing to part with an extra dollar to have their specific food orders met. As a result, online food delivery companies have become prevalent, all looking to meet this market demand. In Kenya, a company like Jumia Food has managed to study the purchasing patterns of Kenyans, therefore providing a platform on which they can order their favorite meals from restaurants across the country, all online. But more significantly, to deliver expedient services, the company has had to rely heavily on digital technologies; which according to its country managing director Shreenal Ruparelia, “has allowed us to tap into a wider range of customers, pushing us to think beyond the main frame digital space and building processes that allow us to better [...]