Bio-Ken and Sirikoi Lodge Announce Passing On of Their Founders - Adventure 254
Sanda Ashe, the co-founder and director of Bio-Ken has passed on. Bio-Ken announced her demise yesterday. She is said to have passed on peacefully on 30th January 2018. She is credited to have saved many lives from dangerous effects of venomous snakes. Sanda has been a resident of Watamu since 1980. A post regarding her death on Bio-Ken Facebook page read, ” It is with a heavy heart that we inform everyone of the passing of Sanda Ashe, co-founder and Director of Bio-Ken. Wife to the late James Ashe, sister to Cara and Stepmother to Robert and Rosemary. Sanda died peacefully in hospital last night after a short illness. Both the Reptile Conservation and Snakebite World have lost a champion in her. She was personally responsible for the saving of many lives and limbs from the horrible effects of venomous snakebite. She was also a true animal person and although did not have any children of her own she will be remembered as “Mama Sanda” because she successfully mothered thousands of little animal orphans during her life. Sanda will be missed by so many, especially in Watamu where she has lived since 1980. Go peacefully Sanda for Mungu has a [...]