Eight Must Have Hotel Room Requirements - Adventure 254
A hotel, wherever located is a second home for the guest; budget friendly, or exclusively grandeur, it must cover a little beyond mere basics and creature comforts. Here is a checklist guideline from Jumia Travel, that should help you anytime you are booking into your stay away from home. Comfortable sleep A hotel is described as so for the presence of lodging facilities. The form and make notwithstanding, it’s a prerequisite for any supplier and provider in the business to ensure that their guests get to enjoy a night’s sleep. This is one in-room investment that should not be compromised. Cleanliness and hygiene As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to Godliness. This goes beyond the walls and compounds to the staff uniform, food hygiene and the whole aroma that greets you once you walk in. A hotel, being a home to a variety of people with diverse backgrounds should be treated as a convergence zone of culture and lifestyles; therefore, sanitation, waste management, food hygiene and other practices should be of high standards. a bed at The Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, image; Jumia Travel Internal and external security Protection from harm is a basic human need, and sometimes [...]