Six ways to enjoy culture through self immersion - Adventure 254
Culture, unlike other aspects of travel is not purely a spot, sight and site activity; rather it’s magic can only be experienced by allowing oneself to be part of the process. This goes beyond the usual five must visit places to allowing yourself time to be part of the occurrence, the lifestyle and therefore the history. You certainly cannot experience the people by visiting the tallest building in the city, or by diving where the pros swim, or even buy panting up your way in a single round-trip day. Here are a couple of tips from Jumia Travel to help you experience, assimilate and enjoy new cultures every time you travel. Slow Down If you are looking to have a cultural experience through your journey, then a cookie-cutter’s itinerary will definitely not work. Reason being, there will be less time to spend on vital cultural aspects and your focus will already be restricted to that one ‘sighting’ that have been named as top priority. You are likely to miss out people in their daily activities, preparing their traditional meals and going through the daily rituals oblivious of the stranger in their territory. Ironically, most places listed down as cultural centers [...]