Common Western Myths About Africa - Adventure 254
Africa is a beautiful continent full of warm receptive people from the many different countries which you can easily access. Most countries, unlike what you see on the media are very safe apart from the very few turbulent regions in those states. Yet, unless you have been to or were raised in Africa, you will not realize how wonderful the continent is. To most people Africa is still a dark continent swirling with mystery and rumors of what they see in the media, of the many things the West thinks of our continent; here are a few of them. Mud Wattle Huts When the first foreign explorers landed on the continent, they saw a wild thick place with animals roaming all over the place and when they found homesteads all they could see were mud huts. They wrote home about that and to some people in the west, it is what they think Africans live in. It might seem like a ridiculous thought to us, but to most people who do not study as much about Africa’s individual countries, it is hard to understand that over the years the continent has had massive development in infrastructure and especially in housing. [...]