9 Top Budget Travel Tips for Your next Vacation - Adventure 254
The recession may be getting tougher than projected, and the times a little bit rough on our pockets. Still whether flipping the pages in Conde Nast, browsing through Jumia Travel, or reading various travel review sites; India is still as incredible, Kenya as magical, Morocco as magnificent and the whole world – a timeless fascination! In the words of Martin Buber, “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” Here are a few tips to help you keep discovering, without shooting holes through your bank. Bank on Group Discounts Whether travelling to the century old rock-hewn churches in Ethiopia’s Lalibela, or joining a pilgrim to Mecca, organizing your travel in a group will always see your travel costs drop by a noticeable markdown. Any travel agency or hotel will lower rates in favor of a common-course group than lone rangers. Get your friends, start a group on social media, ask your church and book club members (or whichever club) and watch the expenses go down. Book Ahead Booking ahead of time gives you the liberty and loads of time to compare costs, read reviews and negotiate rates with an upper hand. Do not wait till the last [...]