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Introduction Scanners are a vital part of an office or home purposes. From printing photos of a family day out to scanning office documents, you can use scanners in many areas in our life. Scanners are available in various types with one such type being a flatbed scanner. Below is a comprehensive guide on top 10 best flatbed scanners in 2018 review detailing. What is flatbed scanners and why to buy it? A flatbed scanner is a large scanner with a flat glass where you place your documents, close the top and scan. Its name is derived from its size and appearance. The main reason to buy this scanner is its simplicity of use. You do not require any computer skills to use it. Its large size also makes it offer high resolution and even eliminates the need of shrinking the corners of the documents you are scanning. How to pick the best flatbed scanners There are different choices available for flatbed scanners with each having its objective. You should, therefore, consider your needs first before choosing one. What else should you consider? Speed If you have high volumes of scanning, this is crucial for you. This is the number of pages per minute and the higher the number, the faster the scanner. Duplex Scanning Again if you have a high volume of scanning needs, consider going for a flatbed scanner that can handle scanning on both sides. It is good for speed. Size of paper and handling Depending on your needs, choose these features wisely. For instance, if you are choosing one for photography purposes, the best paper size and handling to go for should be A3. Resolution Although the speed of a scanner will be more prioritized to resolution, consider the going for a scanner with the highest resolution possible. This will determine the quality of the documents you are going to output. Mode of connection Flatbed scanners come fitted with various connectivity modes. It could be wireless or wired option. You should, therefore, go for the one that best suits your operation settings. Top 10 Best Flatbed Scanners in 2018 Review 10. Epson Perfection V550 Flatbed Scanners Want to scan multiple photos or documents at the same time? Go for this scanner. With a 6400 dpi image resolution, this scanner gives you the high depth of color and quality output. It supports scanning of large documents and allows directly sharing scanned files to Facebook. It uses LED technology which makes it very fast. 9. Epson Expression 12000XL-PH Flatbed Scanner If you are the commercial sector, this is the best scanner to go for. It supports a wide range of documents and uses Epsom matrix CCD and LED technology with a resolution of 2400 by 4800 dpi. It automatically saves your documents to your computer and the documents output does not lose quality from the original one. 8. Epson Perfection V600 Scanner This is the best scanner for fast and quality scanning of documents. It has Digital Ice function to remove dust and scratches from your film. It supports multiple scanning at the same time, and you can zoom your image up to 17”*22”. 7. HP ScanJet Pro 2500 f1 Flatbed OCR Scanner With a scanning speed of 20 pages/minute or 40 images per minute, this scanner can be a good match for the people in the commercial line where there is a need for the wide volume of scanning. It supports a wide range of scanning options, and you support both sides scanning. It has many editing features like cropping, erasing edges, among others.To sum up It is a scanner made for efficiency and speed. 6. Epson Perfection V800 Photo scanner This scanner has a resolution of 6400 dpi. It has software laser and silver fast for controlling colors, sharpness, and other things in documents. You can restore faded parts of an image through its Easy photo fix scanning technology. If your document has scratches, it will use Digital dust removal to get rid of that. It is a great scanner especially for scanning documents that may be damaged. 5. Plustek A3 Flatbed Scanner OS 1180 This is an excellent scanner for implementing A3 paper size formats. It has a good resolution 0f 1200 dpi for images, documents, and graphics. It has duplex scanning capability, and the speed is excellent only takes 15s for colored documents and 9s for grayscale ones. You do not have to give it time to warm when you start. Just hit the button and scan your documents. 4. Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII Photo Looking for a flatbed scanner with speed and quality? This is the right choice for you. It allows for editing images with a retouch. Its resolution is 9600*9600 dpi for a film and 4800*4800 dpi for documents. A document of size A4 takes 7s while others take 18s. It has an inbuilt power supply, so you do not have to worry when the power goes off. 3. Cobra Digital Hd 3 In 1 Flatbed Scanner This is another affordable scanner in the market and can fill the needs of most people. It produces output with a resolution of 3000 dpi where you can even convert your old photos to digital form. The scanner is easy to operate and comes with an inbuilt SD slot which eliminates the need for connecting it to your pc. 2. Epson Perfection V550 Color Photo Built for speed, this scanner produces high-quality images with a resolution of 6400 dpi. It uses Epson MatrixCCD technology to give you sharp images. It supports a wide range of files like slides, images, documents, and films. 1. Epson Perfection V370 Color Photo Want to access your scanned documents while on the move? This is the scanner to go for. You can use your mobile to access scanned documents using pro software. You will get high-quality output with a resolution of 4800*9600 dpi. The maximum limit of document you can scan is 13”*19”. If you have faded images, this scanner allows restoration with a single click. You can zoom images with in-built TPU and scan fast through Ready scan Technology. Conclusion If you are looking for a good flatbed scanner, this guide on Top 10 best flatbed scanners in 2018 review can help you make an informed decision. The reviewed scanners will give you speed and quality.