Sri Rama Janma Bhumi and Social Harmony will be the core agenda of the meeting : Justice Kokje - AA News
New Delhi, June 24, 2018 – The two-day meeting of the Central Governing Council of Vishva Hindu Parishad today commenced in the national capital Delhi with the blessing address of Ven. Swami Raghavanandaji at Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti. In his inaugural speech the VHP President Justice (Retd) Vishnu Sadashiv Kokje said that the logical finale of the centuries old struggle for reconstruction of a grand temple at the birthplace of Bhagwan Sri Ram is in close proximity. The Sri Rama Janma Bhumi case has always been at the centre of our activities since 1984 and will remain so till the grand Temple of Nativity comes up at Ayodhya. The Hon’ble Supreme Court is urged upon to deliver its verdict as soon as possible! On VHP’s commitment to the cause of Social Harmony, he said we have undertaken much work during the last 54 years for eradication of untouchability, and still there is much that needs to be done. Discriminatory practices are not things related to Dharma but matters of mental attitudes and views that can be removed through individual and collective behavioural changes. It is not the responsibility of the Government alone but that of the entire society to embrace all backward brethren to take them forward. Remembering the 23rd June martyrdom day of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and the 25th June, 1975 Emergency assault on democracy, he said that our meeting date coincides with the sacred date of the Hindu Samrajya Divas established by Shivaji Maharaj. Taking the pseudo-seculars to task, he said that it is the fruit of the works of the VHP and the Hindu society that those people who used to attack us yesterday are today making a show off as ‘Janeudhari Hindus’. The office-bearers gathered at this meeting will have to find solutions to problems such as horizontal religious conversion, cow slaughter, foreign infiltration, attacks on Hindu points of reverence and other Dharmic, social and national topics.