Do you Edit? Yes. Do you Retouch? Yes. | SoCal Weddings & Portrait Photographer | Henry Wang Photography
Hello all, I think I'll finally get a bit deeper than just posting pretty pictures, this way more of you guys are educated on what to look for when you're looking for a photographer for your big day. One of the questions besides "are you a photojournalist?" or "how many photographers are included?" is "Do you 'retouch' the images that are included in your package?" The answer to that is pretty simple and it is a big B-I-G no. Let me explain. The term retouch is thrown around very loosely among other photographers, but for me there is a very big and distinct difference between editing all of the images and retouching them. For me, the brief definition for retouching an image would be removing stray hairs, blemishes, pimples or other imperfections on the face(s) as well as other "physical" changes (i.e. face/arm/body slimming) to the image. I am very sure that no photographer is going to "retouch" ALL the images, if he shoots 800 or 1000 shots, you probably will not get your images back