Proms 2018: Per Nørgård - Symphony No. 3 (UK Première); Rolf Wallin - WHIRLD; Bushra El-Turk - Crème Brûlée on a Tree (World Premières) - 5:4
Quite apart from anything else they may embody, this year’s Proms premières have occupied pretty much the entire span of the profound—trivial continuum. At its most extreme, this has been exemplified by the most recent new works, which have ranged from a compositional exploration of infinity culminating in a state of enraptured transcendence invoking mysticism, Rilke and Rückert, to a recipe for making custard. The source for British-born, Lebanese composer Bushra El-Turk‘s short, culinary song Crème Brûlée on a Tree is a … →