Nicki Minaj Reveals Who 'Really Beat Up' Cardi B At NYFW Fight | 4Beta Naija
Many fans were left shocked when rap rivals, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B had an epic showdown at New York Fashion Week during the Harper's Bazaar's ICONS party. According to reports, Cardi B who left the scuffle with a massive bruise on her head got the injury from security protecting Nicki Minaj but the "Queen" rapper has a different story to tell. Minaj during today's episode of QUEEN Radio dished all about how "Love & Hip-Hop New York star, Rah Ali, is really to blame for the massive bruise on Cardi's head. During the QUEEN Radio segment, Nicki Minaj said, "For people who don't know, Rah Ali beat Cardi's ass real bad. You went home and told people that security hit you, and we let that ride for legal reasons." Nicki is so confident about this new side of the story she is telling that she even offered a cash reward by further saying, "Anybody that wants to pull up the surveillance footage, I will give you 100 thousand dollars," she added. "Anybody that says that didn't happened. I