'Is This A New Method Used By Scammers?' | 4Beta Naija
Just last week, I got a text message written in Yoruba language. The only thing I could decipher was the word 'card'. Of course there were numbers that looked like recharge card pins. I just ignored and deleted the message because I wasn't expecting any such thing from anyone. Just about 10 minutes later, I got a call from someone asking me to send the message back to him and begging that I should not load the card, that it was intended for someone else. I said no problems. Three days later, the guy called me and said his father wants to speak with me. I was like, for what? He said the father wants to thank me for the recharge card I did not use. I said, why would I use something that does not belong to me. But he said the father was itching to talk to me. So I agreed to speak with him. When the father came on the phone, he started showering praises on me, in a tone of an elderly Yoruba man who was struggling to speak English. He said he is surprised that people like me are still in