Check Out 3 Easy Ways You Can Make Money On Instagram Today | 4Beta Naija
If you have an Instagram account, you would have certainly seen beautiful pictures and funny videos on your phone. Some of the guys who post the videos and pictures you see are not posting on the app just to display their talents. They are also making money off their posts and followers. You'll actually make more money if you can gain thousands of followers and rise to become an influencer on Instagram. Here are three ways you can turn your Instagram account to a money-making platform. Do affiliate marketing When you sign up for a company and help sell its products, you become an affiliate marketer and get paid some commission for doing that. As an affiliate marketer, you can post the products on your Instagram account. There, it is easier to sell. Just put up the pictures of the products and place the link in your bio. Remember on each sale you make, you get to keep a certain percentage. Promote your business or other people's business For some people, Instagram is more like a