Mistakes to Avoid in This Year's Admission Process | 4Beta Naija
1. Wrong Subject Combination: This mistake is common among JAMB candidates. When applying for JAMB, you should always use JAMB brochure in order to know your subject combination. Wrong subject combination will cost you your admission into your course. Once again, Make sure you make use of brochure before computing your subject combination. 2. Wrong O'level grade: Am I going to call this a mistake or a way of outsmarting JAMB and the University? Anyways, some candidates make such mistake. Make sure you are careful when computing your grades, because it can cost you a whole year. 3. Not being informed: This is another issue that is bothering me. As a student seeking for admission, you ought to be glued to educational site like this blog ( for admission tipz) or myschool.ng (for JAMB and University update). I heard of a case about a candidate that choose IbadanPoly last year, but didn't participated in the screening because he was not aware that the screening form was on sale. Make sure