In The Can | 3am Films
"In the Can" refers to those projects that have been completely by 3am Films. We're proud of what we've done in the past but we've also made the commitment to strive for excellence in our future. It's with this attitude that make sure we take something from every project we've worked on. We want each new film to be better than the last. We need to know where we've been to get where we're going. So... here's where we've been. The Front Desk - 2015 Welcome to the Lyon Inn. Behind the front desk, Billy Stanton is desperately trying to avoid his ex-girlfriend, his hippy parents, rude customers, lazy co-workers, and the crazy manager only to realize his dream in becoming…anything other than a front desk clerk. More Info. The Secret of Sarah Pennington - 2013 Washed up rock star, Jonathan Grayline (Doug McAbee) is accused of murdering his band's lead singer during a performance at a small town high school reunion. Locals believe legendary serial killer and former classmate, Sarah