Charles Stanley | 3am Films
As a young boy Charles was fascinated by his Dad's bedtime stories. Without ever leaving his room, Charles was able to visit strange lands and go on wild adventures to places that only exist in imagination. Characters came to life and, for a short while, reality would cease to exist. In these moments a solid foundation for story telling was created. Since that time Charles has worked to hone that capability. Moving through high school and college, Charles continued his story telling (some of which got him into big trouble) and worked hard at entertaining whatever crowd he could find. After a year and a half of bouncing from major to major, he finally found his home at Cameron University's Communication Department. It was there he met his future creative mentors Dr. Jenkins and Professor Adams. Shortly after joining, Charles created his first short film: Epiphany. From that moment on he was hooked. Charles began working with Dr. Jenkins on documentaries and short films. Since that