I am "THE MACHINE" | 2 Guys View
I heard about this from a young airman named Zak that said, "Shtah Machino", as a passing expression. I said, "What?, you said, 'What machine'.......I don't get it?" He goes, oh shit I meant, "Ja Machino". "You're the machine (I asked knowingly but still confused), WTF are you talking about?" So then he told me the tale and gave me the link. Afterwards he says, "I only brought it up cause it reminded me of a bunch of your stories from Bosnia and Serbia." I watched it, pissed myself, and had to agree: Except for the robbing people part, I'd been there many times and beyond. So here is Bert Kreischer's " I am MACHINE!"....I hope you dig it. Let me know your thoughts. I am MACHINO! You've Been Dawged! You've been 'Dawged!