Harry Heck! The Original Mark Collie. | 2 Guys View
You might recognize this from The Punisher movie from 2004. I think this diner scene was the best part of the whole movie--Enter Harry Heck. There's an eeriness to the soulful, Johnny Cash-esque, voice of this assassin that has a dark sweetness to it...he actually dedicates the song to his mark out of respect. " The movie aside you gotta love Mark Collie's voice, here's a little known clip of him playing the song on the set of a Steven Segal movie when they're on break. I also think people overlook his guitar prowess. He does these little in-between-picking riffs that add such a fullness to the song and emotion to the lyrics. Check it out. Hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts. I'll leave you with the official soundtrack & complete version. CHEERS! You've been 'Dawged!