10 Bahamian Rules For Watching Game Of Thrones(Go To Church If You Scared) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew Night gathers and, sadly, it heralds the ending of objectively the best television show to every exist or that WIL ever exist. If Game of Thrones was a person it would be Jesus……if he learned karate. I'm not saying white Jesus isn't perfect but….I mean…. Understand that Game of Thrones is personal. This isn't just a show….its a lifestyle. I wish y'all could see how my friends and I discuss this shit. My fake-baby-mommy Joseph aka Josette and I discuss it like its real life… So it is with heavy heart that we say goodbye to our beloved series but it is with a violent tone that I want to address all you non-GOT and annoying GOT fans as I give you the 10 Bahamian rules for watching the remainder of this great series. 1. Shut the, and I cant express this enough, ACTUAL fuck up. And that goes from my saintly grandmother to your sidechick you brought to my apartment who isn't a fan but midway through an intense episode wants to know, "Oh this the