The Bahamian Path To Love/Marriage In 2019 (Rebuild) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew A little known fact about 10thYearSeniors: We really don't like people. I've never considered myself a "creative" because I'm a pretty terrible person and more or less alone most of the time. But my alone time is spent reading, feeding the homeless and volunteering at puppy shelters because cuteness! I've been in more weddings than I can count. Shannon, Boyo, Joe, Yemi, Rob Stark….the list goes on. For some reason, I think a lot of us don't want to see whats REALLY happening before these people get engaged let alone married. Its kinda like the way we know Basil Dean has no idea what he's doing but we're good with it cause…...you know…..if its been broke all your life, why fix it? Seeing as no one wants to acknowledge the REAL path to love/marriage, I'm here to inform you, believers of Disney romance, that its not as pretty as it seems. The path is dark and full of terrors. Disclaimer: This is NOT the article for your parents to read. Don't look at me like that,