The Ultimate Drake Playlist (Chosen By The Lazarus Pit) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I know a lot of you are consumed with BAISS and International Womens day or...I don't know....actually doing work on a Friday like some kinda losers..lol. Who works on a Friday, bey? I think it's well documented how much 10th Year Seniors are huge fans of Aubrey: We've never shyed away from that. We own it almost to a fault. Little known fact about us: There are several factions of 10thYearSeniors splintered into various Facebook and Whatsapp groups. Johnathon, Naldo (everyone call him "Naldo"....he loves it) and Dakarai have one called "We Are Better Than Everyone". Dakarai, The False God Ricardo Wells, Naldo and I have one called "We Are Better Than Everyone (The Black Version)". Taige, Ricardo and Naldo have one called, "Lets Brood". And Timothy just wanders around trying to find his phone because he's 98% blind due to his lack of eyes. A lesser known 10thYearSeniors Facebook chat group is "The Lazarus Pit". Short version: We discuss comics, anime, music,