7 Ways To Know If Your Bahamian Man Cheats | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I'm getting real tired of women writing articles about how men cheat. Actually I'm getting tired of women in general writing anything about everything a man does because how would you know, beloved? Are you gonna read an article, by someone as stupid as me, concerning how to not have period cramps? I think it's time y'all really get a precise list of how to tell when your Bahamian man is cheating. 1. If he gets his hair cut before 9am on a Friday, by appointment, then he's cheating. No man gets this crispy... ...at 7am without some agenda. Faithful niggas get their haircut between 10am and 4pm on a Friday. But, unless that nigga is SUPER busy at his all male job or has an early morning flight...I'm sorry that nigga cheating. Also, you should note, he's probably fucking someone on his job. Bridget in Compliance doesn't mind doing butt stuff and she doesn't nag about him not "communicating" and "fulfilling your emotional needs due to his unresolved father issues".