Bahamians Getting Married In Their 30's: The Elegant Sin | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew So my boy Shannon is getting married and, because he hates me, he put me in his wedding much to my chagrin. I've surmised that theres a conspiracy theory by all of my friends to make sure I'm in one wedding a year so I'm forced to look like an actual adult. Shannon is about 38…..or 30...I actually don't know, to be honest. He went to NCA, and trying to guess their age is always hit or miss. I'm not kidding. RIP to my cousin Baby who we called "Baby" because she looked 17 for 30 years and no one could tell the difference. Think I'm kidding? Meet Kyran, who is also my friend, in the wedding, and none of us truly know how old he is….I'm telling you its an NCA thing. I just assume we're all in our 30's and keep it pushing. We had a wedding rehearsal Wednesday night and I'm starting to realise that getting married in your 30's is the most elegant and worthy sin one can commit and we need to talk about it. Yes, I know: "The Elegant Sin" sounds like some weird anime about a