Things Bahamian Men Need To Stop Doing In 2019 | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I ga need a lot of y'all to stop liking man. Oh, theres no pretty intro for y'all. Too much likin man has been going on and we need to discuss it. How are niggas out here fake tellin? The volume of dudes just out here fake snitching is baffling. Listen, I get it….nothing men love to do more than lie....especially in a barbershop. I used to do it all the time because that's just niggas. But, fellas…..when did we start lying on pussy? What part of the game is that? And no, y'all don't overtly lie on it….y'all just sideways imply you hit it forcing this chick to give me ALL the details about how you didn't and apparently have a foot fetish. Whats a sideways implication? You know how it goes…. Not lying on pussy is commandment #1 in the 10 Man Commandments. Ya just don't do it no matter WHO you are. Admit it: You went over, talked half the night, watched a bunch of youtube music videos, had a fake tickle fight, got to her pants only for her to tell