Weekend Culture: Brunch on The Bay | 10th Year Seniors
Brunch. It's a word that brings out the Pre Russian Revolution Bourgeoisie in us all. A word that makes me forget that I make the salary of a gnat and a reminder that the entirety of said salary will be spent on mimosas and bourbon soaked waffles. But who doesn't live for an opportunity where they can get dolled up and trash talk their boss while hopped up on champagne and bacon? That's exactly what I did this past weekend at Brunch On The Bay. Marketed as a Female Empowerment event, Brunch On The Bay set its sights on women in Grand Bahama who were looking for an opportunity to support one another through networking, while in the presence of bottomless mimosas and amazing pop-up shops. I was down for all that entailed. I, for one, live for spaces where I don't have to be cognizant of the male gaze. To speak really candidly, there aren't a lot of opportunities for women within my age bracket to network. Outside of a 40 days of purpose seminar (which I'm not knocking), you