Open Letter To Fat Bahamians Still Trying To Lose Weight In 2019 | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I waited a week to write this because it only takes a week or so for most fat people to lose their motivation to work out in the new year. I've been posting about it on social media as well as all of my gym rat friends. We knew that winter was coming and the gyms would be packed with sweaty, messy, oversized people on their "New Year, new me" BS. Which would eventually end with…. I waited a week and y'all are STILL in the gym being weird, not knowing what the entire fuck you're doing and generally, making my life a little more miserable seeing as I, and others like me (gym rats), have to manoeuvre around you, let alone speak to you, just to get on the machines. So to all you fat, sweaty, don't know what you're doing, google eyed, smoothie breath, church socks in tennis, big T-shirt, wrong outfit in the gym ass people trying to lose years of mistakes off your bodies.....keep going. This is not the time to stop. Understand that gym rats don't hate new gymmers like you.