Ode To The Bahamian Conchy Joe… | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew So it was 2010 on Village Road and I'm in love with Venny. I had dated white women before but never a "Conchy Joe". I thought what all black Bahamian men thought: She's probably rich and will buy me expensive gifts because all white people are rich regardless of where they're from….right?? I was aghast to find they actually had problems like the rest of us. Hell….I didn't even know white men cheated on gals! Lets be honest, hearing about a man cheating is like hearing that someone just shot up a school in the states: You don't wanna assume but deep down….you know what you're thinking. The general Bahamian consensus is cheaters look like this… And the American school shooter typically behaves like…. I was ignorant, I was wrong and I sincerely apologise on behalf of myself and a few other niggas. So I've penned this ode to the minority group (yes, you read that right, Americans) to say you are appreciated, you are loved, and we will protect you when the robots come to