What (Not) To Buy Your Bahamian/Capricorn Man This Christmas | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew My Birthday is December 28th…..yes, it has always sucked. Keep in mind my mother loves white Jesus with an awkward amount of intensity and my father was a mans man. He gave my mother the money for gifts and come Christmas morning he did what all fathers do: He regretted not pulling out in the first place. My mother gave gifts like books, socks, puzzles, and then more books. I think we all know and understand that, come January, high school protocol states you bring all of your Xmas gifts to school to show people how poor you aren't…especially in private school. After years of shitty gifts and "combined" Xmas and birthday gifts for 36 years I think it's time we address you ladies and give some sage advice concerning what to buy your man this xmas. Lets first get one thing clear….and I mean REALLY goddamn clear… Ahem VAGINA IS NOT A FRIGGIN GIFT!! SEX IS NOT A GIFT!! SUCKING DICK IS NOT A GIFT!! DOING ANAL IS NOT A GIFT!!!