Let's Go to the Movies | 10th Year Seniors
Going to "the movies" has long been a favorite Bahamian past time. I remember when Goldeneye premiered here in 1997, it seemed like the movies were a really big deal. Over time the idea of going to the movies, while still enjoyable has become a bit stale - long lines, theatres overrun with teens and pre-teens, the noisy group talking through the whole movie - we've all kinda been there done that. So when news broke of a brand new, shiny, theatre overlooking Lake Cunningham, the ears of moviegoers across Nassau perked up in anticipation. At least I know mine did. You heard things like IMAX and stadium seating. You heard about restaurants and a complete entertainment experience for the whole family. Enter Fusion Superplex. Movie lovers like me have been salivating at the idea of this new theatre for quite some time now. And outside of our jokes about whether they would be open in time for Avengers 10 (sorry, not sorry), the anticipation has been building and the moment we have all