Kidding | 10th Year Seniors
I try not to respond to foolishness. But sometimes, when the moment is right and I have the time, I like to respond to foolishness. Today is one of those times. Yesterday, Bill Maher decided to write about the alleged insignificance of comic books and his perception of those who read comic books or watch animated movies and/or comic book movies. The title of said piece is "Adulting". Maher goes on to talk quite disparagingly against those of us who mourned the passing of Stan Lee. Bear in mind this is just days after his passing. And to that I can only say, kidding. As in, Bill Maher must be kidding, joking, our of his mind. Also, Bill Maher is not "adulting" at all in this moment he has to be kidding i.e. acting like a child. So before I - as a person who enjoyed my fair share of animated television shows when I was young and who also enjoys the MCU, and to my own detriment the DCEU - respond in a way that is nonsensical, let me remind Mr. Maher of the impact of one Stan Lee and