And The Next Bahamian Prime Minister Is… #The(Actual)PeoplesTime | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew A year or so ago, after the Hubert Minnis/FNM "red wave" took over our country, I was excited. See, I promised my mother I would never vote in an election until there was someone running that wasn't Hubert Ingram or Perry Christie. We had a new prime minister and I gave him a word of advice in an article saying, "Don't Trump this up". Does that even need an explanation? Donald Trump has not only divided his country, he has also divided the world because for some reason, after he was elected, politics all over the world went nuts. Brexit, the elections in Brazil, K. Michelle had butt REDUCTION surgery…..life strange. To be fair to Hubert Minnis, at least Trump has division amongst Americans to fall back on as an excuse. What do you do when we're so united with disdain for an FNM government that even the conchy Joes ain happy with how terrible a job you're doing? But I'm not here to talk about the monstrously terrible job that Hubert Minnis and his party are doing. Pick