Next Man Up | 10th Year Seniors
The NFL, NBA and others have long embraced the mantra of next man up. The idea basically means if someone gets hurt, superstar or otherwise, the team plugs in the next man up and continues to fight. This sometimes works to tremendous success where the next man up actually fully supplants the fallen teammate - Tom Brady replacing Drew Bledsoe and winning a Super Bowl comes to mind. Other times, the team either pays slightly or greatly below their potential. What does this have to do with anything? Well, the WWE has a next man up situation it desperately needs to address. To take it a step further, the WWE has a massive hole to fill at the top of its perceived pecking order. Ever since Roman Reigns' announcement of his leukemia battle on the October 22nd episode of Monday Night Raw, the WWE has been without its de facto number one guy. With so much talent on the roster, the natural question becomes, who takes that spot? Who becomes the focal point talent? Who becomes the actual face