Weekend Culture: Nostalgic CapriSun Holidays | 10th Year Seniors
The only reason this article series exists is because my friend constantly trash talks Grand Bahama. My vendetta against him may have been ill thought out though. Showcasing Grand Bahama calls for a level of social interaction that I'm just not comfortable with. If you've read my 'Bombshell' piece then you'll know that I get socially anxious in certain scenarios. I'm entering into a phase in my life though, where I'm tackling challenges head on, kinda. That includes showing my face in public more often, as evidenced by the title of this article, "Public Intoxication". Like I mentioned in my last Weekend Culture article, people constantly compare Grand Bahama to other Bahamian cities. But my question to you is this: what do you do in any other city in The Bahamas that you can't do in Freeport? Most of you only drink anyway. I'm looking at you, Andrew. It was with this knowledge that I approached Ashley, The innovative founder of Entwined, the country's first and original Adult