The Bahamaian Social Scene (Where Do You Fit In?) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew Don't let the tight shirts and flip flops fool you, folks: I've done a lot of great things in my life. Perhaps my greatest accomplishment in my 36 years has been being nominated for a Bahamian Icon award……….and them not having a picture of me to put up because big man don't take selfies ya see. Very few of you know Dakarai, Nal, Alexis, John, the false god Ricardo Wells, etc because we're not "those" guys. All of us except Young Randolph….he's changed since he got on TV. The volume of bathroom selfies has decreased and now he's giving us candid photo ops of him doing absolutely nothing. Nassau is a weird place when you live on the hinterland of its ever growing social scene and I'm here to give you a birds eye view, and maybe a hint, to which group you belong to. The Rich/Club People You don't have to ask these niggas if they were at Bond the night it opened….you KNOW they were at Bond because they took the necessary pre-party, club bathroom and "About last