My Body is a Bombshell | 10th Year Seniors
And by bombshell, I mean a war zone. My relationship with my body has been a self-deprecating one at my highest of moments, and an abusive one at my lowest. I'm not special though. I assume I can speak for at least one other person when I say body positivity is a concept I apply to those surrounding me and not one I actually afford to myself. If you've read my stuff in the past, chances are, you're not necessarily used to this level of vulnerability coming from me. I often talk about spotlight issues, and yet rarely actually take the spotlight. I'm a digital clapback queen, but in person, I try to make myself as small as I possibly can. My body offends people and as such, I avoid going to places where I feel as if I'm taking up "too much space". This isn't a woe-is-me post though. I started working out at the beginning of September and today will mark one full month of me taking agency of my own body. I started working out not just because I was overweight, but because I hated my