Bahamian Men Are Trash (Myself Included) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I used to hate taking out the garbage when I was with my ex. It always blew my mind how the most feminist woman in the world will turn into the least feminist woman in the world whenever the garbage is full or there's a flying roach present. Always blew my mind how 2 people can make so much garbage and I had to be the one to take it out. I love when a chick has been single for a long time and has that plastic bag hanging from her kitchen cupboard to collect garbage due to the lack of men in her life. Don't get cute, ladies. You know the situation I'm describing. I'm trash….I'm a horrible person and I recognize so much of myself in other Bahamian men that I think its time we address it. I have written several articles and typically I speak on how Renaldo is the worst person I know (cause he is) and how, the false god Ricardo Wells was the moral compass of 10th YearSeniors. Was. We have a new hero now with actual morals and a kind heart worthy of our