Bahamians on Facebook & Instagram That Need To Stop (#Kamikaze) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew No opening hymn this week, beloveds…..we need to get into it. Um….who told y'all we wanted to see the tuna and white rice with cilantro sprinkled on top that you decided to make for the dude who cheats on you a lot? Who told you we needed that on our timelines? Now we have to pretend like this "dinner for bae" bullshit is nice and you're "taking care of home ". Then have the audacity to give it some Food Network fancy name like we don't know what the fuck is up. Can I ask y'all chef-nigga-ardee food posters something? How dare y'all, bey? I just wanted to go on my timeline and be normal. But now I have to screenshot this bullshit and send it to Dakarai and ask him why Shonny felt like a half eaten Caesar salad was necessary for my gatdamn timeline. Also, y'all know not all children are cute right.....yours included? Bahamians have a tendency to think that "mommy Lil prince " is handsome because she said so. No, beloved. If you call his father ogly for years, then he