2018 NFL Preview – One Sentence Team Previews | 10th Year Seniors
The National Football League NFL begins its new season this Thursday 6 September 2018. That means that we have just a few days before the Philadelphia Eagles begin their quest for a Super Bowl repeat and the New England Patriots try to survive a season with a geriatric QB. That screenshot and photo will never got old. We will always have February 4, 2018. Anyways, in the interest of laziness and maybe creativity time, I am here to give you a one sentence preview for each division and each team competing in the NFL this season. Hopefully you can get in, get out and get on to perfecting your fantasy football roster. And... AFC East This will be New England's division until Bill Belichick says otherwise. Buffalo Bills It's a good thing this team will probably be starting a rookie QB, otherwise LeSean McCoy's likely suspension (I'm surprised itchy-trigger finger Roger hasn't benched him yet) could be a derailment for a young team. Miami Dolphins I hate to pull at scabs but -