Dating The Bahamian: A Guide For Foreigners (Year One) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew You were minding your own business, weren't you? You were in college or perhaps just at your local bar. In walks this gorgeous individual that you decided you needed to be with. You asked them what they were drinking or perhaps you spotted, from afar, their poison of choice. Ah, Vodka and Cran. They seem to enjoy the little things….the simpler things. Uh Oh…is that music? Is that "Bedroom Bully" by Shabba Ranks? You turn your head for a split second to look at the Dj to let him know you appreciate his song choice. You turn back to your potential paramour and….. Fun fact, non Bahamian person, if you want to test just HOW Bahamian your lover is, sneak up on them and play that song and watch their reaction. If this isn't it…. Then they lied, you're dating a liar and you need to reclaim your time. But I digress. White Jesus has chosen me to spread the good word and give the people, far and wide, a short guide for Dating the Bahamian and what you may experience during year